Truffle Tour

Trouffle Tour

A real

The Truffle and its research are cloaked in a mixed aura of mystery and curiosity. Questions such as:

These questions are usually asked to those with passion, because above all this is the search for truffles.
Why ask questions? Try the experience of a real truffle hunt!

A unique and fantastic experience, certainly to be lived, remembered and told!

Walking in our woods in the company of Marco and his truffle dogs.
Observe the synergy and complicity that binds man and dog, the protagonist and symbol of hunting itself in this particular experience.
Seize the moment of collection, be part of it; learn to recognize truffles, their smell, e why not at the end Hunt even the flavor of what has just been harvested.
Our Truffle Tours can be done individually or in groups and depending on the time of year in natural harvesting environments, or in our truffle grounds.

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