Fresh truffles and more

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In our boutique you can find and buy fresh truffles and a particular selection
and accurate of truffle-based products; from 100% truffle products, for purists of taste, to our selection of truffle creams, carpaccio, flavored oils, butter, up to the
salt with truffles, honey, pasta and Carnaroli rice flavored with truffles and more.

Truffle sauce 7%

The perfect combination of truffle and mushrooms: a perfect mix from every point of view. Ideal for a “different from the usual” crouton, or to enhance a bruschetta. Excellent with eggs and why not, try the gamble: with a homemade pasta, with the addition of just a little oil.

Available jar: 80gr, 180gr, 500gr

Truffle cream 2%

One thing that will amaze you: Truffle, mushrooms and black olives in a cream that marries them perfectly. Add it to the melted butter. The perfect sauce for your pasta or with the same mixture but adding a piece of meat cube, it will be a top prize roast sauce.

Available in pots: 80gr, 160gr, 460gr

Summer truffle carpaccio

Try it on carpaccio! This is not advice. Only blades of summer truffle in olive oil; much enough!
A gamble: Try it with raw ham or not too ripe Valtellina speck.

Available in pots: 50gr, 80gr, 180gr

White truffle flavored dressing

A real Jolly for your table. It enhances everything, from bruschetta, to any salad, meat and fish; Pizza! everything your imagination suggests.

100 ml bottle with a slice of truffle

Black truffle flavored dressing

100 ml bottle with a slice of truffle

Acacia honey flavored with black truffle

Try it with some Tuscan pecorino! There is nothing more to add.

Jar of 120 gr

Pure white truffle paste

A real enjoyment! It is the spearhead of TB production. White truffle in a tube for to always be able to dose it perfectly according to your taste and, if you want, to always have it with you. Excellent in pasta with the addition of a little butter, or on meat used directly in this way!

37 gr package

Pure black truffle paste

Pack of 37 gr

Tagliatelle with white truffle

How to combine pleasure with pleasure!
Pasta already flavored with truffles, seasoned with one of our products for a culinary ecstasy.

Pack of 250 gr

Carnaroli rice with truffles

Carnaroli rice goes perfectly with truffles; an announced Marriage e perfect. If you want you can mix with truffle butto and garnished with truffle blades. To merge taste to taste is not a sin.

350 gr package

Truffle flavored balsamic vinegar of Modena

A classic from Modena; but flavored with truffles, it acquires that “something extra”. Try it with Tagliata, or with a fried egg. And if you want to dare, enjoy it as a dressing for a mixed salad or to enhance a 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano.

Bottle of 55 ml

White truffle flavored dressing

Nice to bring to the table as it is.
Good and beautiful! Excellent condiment both raw where it enhances the accompanying dish, and heated, where the scent is even more enhanced. Must try, slightly warm like seasoning of a nice cut.

175 ml can

Whole summer truffle

From 80gr

Specialty based on whipped cream and Bianchetto truffle

To be used for a first course to dress fresh pasta, better if stuffed: or as cooking sauce for meat. It could be addicting!

Jar of 120 gr

Specialties based on salt and summer truffle

From 80 gr

Black truffle cream

From 50 gr

White truffle cream

From 345 gr

White truffle butter

From 75 gr

Tray of 4 truffle products

A thought to dedicate to those you love, a gift for yourself!

Consisting of: flavored dressing with white truffle, truffle sauce, specialties based on whipped cream and Bianchetto truffle, porcini mushroom cream and white truffle.

Tray of 5 truffle products

A thought to dedicate to those you love, a gift for yourself!

Consisting of: acacia honey flavored with black truffle, specialties based on whipped cream and Bianchetto truffle, porcini mushroom and white truffle cream, truffle sauce, salt and summer truffle.

Truffle slicer in wood

- Eco-friendly wooden truffle slicer delivery: The entry level among truffle slicers. Pocket-sized, convenient to always carry with you.
- Truffle Boutique personalized wooden truffle slicer: Necessary, because it is a sacrilege cut truffles with the knife!
- Truffle slicer in wood with the shape of Tuscany: An accessory / necessory, and a nice memory to keep with you.

Fresh truffles

Also at the Truffle boutique you will find, depending on the season, a selection of fresh truffles
just collected:

The White Truffle
(Tuber magnatum Pico)

The harvest season is from September to December. The truffle with a capital T.
Peridium yellowish tending to greenish or yellow ocher. The gleba is yellowish, with brown or hazelnut tones.
The shape varies according to the type of soil.
Variable size, this type can hold up to 1.5 kg.

The Precious Black Truffle
(T. melanosporum Vitt.)

The harvest season is from December to March.
Opaque black in color, with warty rind. The gleba is purplish-black. When fully ripe with thin white veins. It can have a rounded or lobed shape. It is also known as the Norcia Truffle. It is the truffle that best lends itself to marrying first and second courses.

The Black Uncinato Truffle
(T. uncinatum Chatin)

The harvest season is from October to January.
Warty blackish peridium but with smaller warts than those of scorzone.
The gleba is hazelnut / brown with white veins. It is perhaps the one that is best suited to be eaten both raw and cooked

The Bianchetto or Marzuolo Truffle (T. borchi Vitt.)

The harvest season is from January to April.
It has a smooth peridium with colors ranging from reddish to ocher white. Gleba pale or reddish with sparse white veins. It is roundish of the size of norm of a hazelnut up to a cherry. It has scent based on where it is collected changes slightly odor: It gives hints of garlic if harvested in pine forests), more delicate if it comes from harvested under oaks.

The Black Summer Truffle or Scorzone (T. aestivum Vitt.)

The harvest season is from May to November.
The gleba presents with large pronounced and pointed warts; glossy black color Hazelnut colored gleba with very thin white veins. Variable form but rarely rounded. It is the truffle that can be found easily and at low prices. It is the basis of almost all preserved products.