Who we are

A family adventure
started generations ago.

TRUFFLE BOUTIQUE was born from a project by Marco Moroni heir of a family that for two generations has been dedicated to the search for truffles in Tuscany. It is also one of the few companies to be certified organic and this recognition can therefore also boast Truffle boutique, which can certify and trace its truffles from the quarry, made on its own, in the land owned up to conservation and sale in its own shops.

100% Truffle

Truffle Boutique wants to be a unique and innovative concept based exclusively on truffles.
Proudly linked to our traditions, our values ​​and the quality of our products, with an eye also on innovation.
A unique quality guarantee certified from the forest to the table, dedicated to those looking for that “something” that makes the difference; Only the best selected truffles of the Boschi di Villa Magna become Truffle Boutique and can boast this brand.

Taste and Quality

In contrast to the logic of “large distribution” which would provide for exploitation in large quantities, we prefer “quality” from every point of view. The result is there for all to see.
The taste, the quality, available to our customers!

In the heart of the city

Our Boutique

The Boutique is located in piazza della cisterna at number 17, in one of the most particular places, the beating heart of the city, but not only; at the foot of the famous Devil’s Tower. Legend has it that when the owner of the tower returned from a long journey, he found the “Cresciuta” tower and no one was able to give him a plausible explanation, so much so as to blame the Devil for this unknown growth. Another source would like instead that given the narrow slits that give the tower its “sinister aspect” compared to the others in the city, it was built by the Devil himself. The most plausible source, on the other hand, according to historians, is the following: that the tower was built to conceal the initiatory mysteries; after all, in San Gimignano Templar symbols are found almost everywhere and therefore it would really be the most plausible explanation. In any case, his fame has also inspired a famous video game, where you have to climb the Devil’s tower to complete a mission.

Our Expert

Inside our Boutique you will find Francesco,
Our expert who will be able to give you all the information on truffles in general and on our products.

The right person in the right place.

He will be present during the opening hours of the store to provide you with advice and to help you choose the right product for you.